Advice to Parents

Advice to Parents

Parents and guardians are adviced to co-operate with the school in maintaining discipline, decorum and help in amooth functioning by observin the following points :

  1. Please acknowledge properly, all school circulars regarding fees, progress reports etc. and comply with the instructions contained in them.

  2. You are requested not to ask for leave for your ward during the session except on extremely compassionate grounds since it distracts continuity and progress and also disturbs concentration of the students.

  3. Kindly equip the student properly and adequately with authorised clothing and necessaries as per school pattern.

  4. Please ensure that the student rejoins school one day before the opening of school after vacations.

  5. You must report to school about any change in your address promptly as and when it occurs, mentioning specifically Namr, toll Number, Class and Section of your ward.

  6. For any leave or out-pass please put up an application.

  7. Official enquiries are entertained during office hours only, it is requested that official enquires may not be made beyound office hours.

  8. Children are permitted to go home during vaccations strictly in accordance with the laid down programme. Please do not approach for earlier despatch except under unavoidable circumstances.

  9. You may put your grievances, complaints and suggestions in the suggestion box kept in the office. These are accorded due importance and acted upon swiftly.

  10. You are advised not to argue with teachers, wardens and other employees if you differ on any point of administration/management. Feel free to meet the Principal, the Managing Director and the Chairman.

  11. You may provide you child with facilities of morning and evening studies at home when they are there. They must be made to complete their home raks regularly.
  12. Please ensure that the ideals of Punctuality, Cleanliness, gentlemanliness and other aspects of discipline are taken care of at home.

  13. Students should be sent to school in neat and clean uniform.

  14. Remarks pertaining to shabby dress, hair cut, improper buttons repairs, late coming, incomplete home tasks are noted in the school almanac and they should be taken care of at home promptly. Please acknowledge such remarks from the school.

  15. Private tuition is discouraged. If at all a tutor is employed, please ensure that such tutors are not employees of this school. Principal's written permission is necessary before making such arrangement.

  16. Parents/guardians are NOT allowed to visit classes or to interview the teachers. They are advised to see the Principal in the office and through him they shall meet their ward/subject teachers if needed.

  17. Parents/guardians are NOT allowed to meet their ward in the hostel excepts on Sunday.

  18. In no case any person other than parents or guardian whose signature is on the specimen card or their authorised agent is allowed to meet the boarders.

  19. Progress Report Cards are mirrors of children's academic and personality growth. You are requested to look into the Progress Report Card carefully and minutely and bring to our notice and anomaly immediately, if there ia any disagreement.

  20. At the end of each term a parents-teacher meet is organised to facilitate the parents to have ont-to-one discussion with the subject teachers to know the strength and weakness of the student. Parents should make it habit to take interest is their ward's activities.

  21. Parents/guardian are strictly prohibited from giving food packets etc. to their ward.

The school administration reserve all rights to amend, change, cancel and re-shape any rule pertaining to Hostel or School at any time during session. Such amendments/changes, cancellations shall be a binding on the parents/guardians and the students. All admissions are subject to the understanding that all existing/amended/new rules shall be automatically be a binding on the parents/guardians as on when introduced. The decision of the Principal will be final and no reasons will be given thereof.